We are a team of experienced professionals with complementary core competencies, shared tastes
and common interests. We have worked together previously at the editorial department of ELLE magazine.
What we do is both expressive and unique. We are also incredibly precise and pay attention to the smallest details. Every good idea can be a great one. We will make sure that it is implemented the best way possible.





She worked for various Polish lifestyle magazines (ELLE) as a fashion director and an associate art director as well as an art director (Pani, Gala, Uroda, Dom&Wnętrze). She is a sculptor by profession and graduated from the Academy
of Fine Arts in Kraków. She also studied at the Art Plastique Paris 8 in Paris.


She is the author of many special editions of ELLE magazine as well as catalogues for companies (Jaga Hupało, TVN Style). She cooperated with Dorota Maj at the outdoor exhibition “Moja sąsiadka. Żoliborzanki w obiektywach fotografów” (2010), taking responsibility for the graphic design.


She ventured into the world of startups a year ago as the founder of Ermellino and the author of the TravelbyArt app project (2014). Privately, she is an enthusiast of the art of Leonardo da Vinci, taking the name of her company from his famous painting Lady with an Ermine (original title: Donna con ermellino).

She enjoys travelling, especially in the world
of new possibilities.





Journalist, fashion and beauty editor (ELLE),
the head of lifestyle sections in various magazines (Wprost, Puls Biznesu, Show), editor-in-chief (Uroda, Olivia), and managing editor (In Style). She has also written about culture and design (Wprost, Elle Decoration, Dom&Wnętrze).
She studied Polish and art history at the University of Warsaw. As a culture animator,
she is the originator and author of the outdoor exhibition “Moja sąsiadka. Żoliborzanki
w obiektywach fotografów” (2010), prepared
in cooperation with Beata Misiewicz.


She is also the author of the “Żoligaraż” project, which focused on murals painted by contemporary artists on garages in the Żoliborz district (grant awarded by the Mayor of the City of Warsaw). The project was executed in cooperation with the Stolica-Dzielnica-Ulica association (2012).


Joining the team on July 1, 2015.

Ermellino Ltd.

Andersa 8 m 17,  00-201 Warsaw, Poland

office: Dziennikarska 20, 01-605 Warsaw, Poland (+48) 667 001 223, info@ermellino.com.pl