Our company is called Ermellino. Using modern technology, we create
interesting design and content for businesses, products and new ideas.



Mobile apps

We design and execute projects for our clients for both users of MAC iOS and Android platforms. Our work covers the entire spectrum of the creative process: from concept making and ideation, through design that includes both visuals
and content, to final execution of the finished product.
Our design process is based on the latest trends in graphic design, principles of marketing and communication, consumer preference and taste making strategies. On request,
we can also manage app marketing, user activity monitoring, and preparing analytic reports for our clients.

Presentations for Businesses

We can prepare reports or presentations in a new and innovative form.  Our method uses the psychological elements of visual language and content that can most effectively capture an audience’s attention and make the message more compelling. On request, we can also manage editing, content and the sourcing and selection of graphics and illustrations.


We specialize in developing websites on various topics in line with our interests and professional experience, including: lifestyle, fashion, design, art and culture. Employing modern, efficient technologies and solutions, we will adjust any project – including its visuals, content, and language – to select target groups of consumers. We can also manage upgrading websites either in a complete redesign, or by refreshing existing design and content.

Digital communication

Communicating on the Internet is much more effective than using traditional media. We can provide a wide range
of services including graphic design, banners, advertising
on social media and interactive campaigns. Additionally,
we can develop a comprehensive web-based communication strategy. If you are eager to become known in your business network, but you don’t know where to start, or what to invest in, contact us – write about your objectives and challenges, and we will get back to you with a plan and put it in action.


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